All families have the potential to be happy, vibrant, and Christ-centered.

Check-out this list of awesome books, ministries, podcasts, studies, local Des Moines organizations and more. It may take a village, but you'll be amazed by how God has equipped your village with all you could ever ask for or need.


A Grown Up Guide to Kids Wiring
Families Where Grace is in Place
Keeping Your Kids on God's Side
Talking to Your Kids About God
Talking to Your Kids About Jesus
The Well-Behaved Child
Parenting by the Book
Don't Miss It


A Grown-Up's Guide to Kids' Wiring

After a monumental series I Said This, You Heard That, Kathleen Edelman lends her insight and practical approach to parenting and children. A six-session video series to complement the book, A Grown-Up's Guide to Kids' Wiring, is free to watch on YouTube. It's engaging and beyond practical.

Take Back Your Family

New York Times bestselling author Jefferson Bethke delivers a powerful critique of the nuclear family ideal and calls for a sweeping new paradigm that brings not only longed-for stability but also radical blessings to the world.


The West's multi-century experiment with the nuclear family has failed. Its toxic hyper-individualism has left us with an unprecedented number of broken homes and rampant confusion over what a family is supposed to be. Jefferson Bethke delivers the solution we've been seeking: a plan for taking back our families from the modern myth that has derailed us and a vision for returning to the life-giving, biblical model of multi-generational teams.


In Take Back Your Family, Bethke uncovers the historic events that led to our obsession with the nuclear family, then exposes the devastating effects of our current "me culture." Now, writing from the visceral perspective of a father with three young children, he shares the values and strategies he and his family lean on in their quest to live as a community bonded by a shared mission, committed to mutually growing and thriving together. By returning to God's original design for families on earth, he says, we can participate in the kingdom work that restores and fulfills our innermost desires for connection, contentment, and meaning.



Have A New Kid by Friday
Make it Count
Raising Kingdom Kids
Grace Based Discipline

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Single Parent Provision

Single Parent Provision is a non-profit organization providing a trusted partner to single parents and their families by offering programs and services to help single parent families strengthen and thrive.

Hope Ministries

Hope Ministries has been serving people in need in central Iowa since 1915. They provide food, clothing, shelter and life recovery programs for men, women and children out of seven ministry centers around Des Moines. 

Safe Families for Children

Safe Families for Children is a family preservation movement motivated by radical hospitality, disruptive generosity, and intentional compassion to keep children safe and families together facing crisis. 



Natasha Crain
Mama Bear Apologetics
Don't Mom Alone
Connected Families
Calm Parenting
Intentional Family Podcast


Bible Plans for Every Age and Every Stage

Whether it's a three-day plan or a three-month plan, The Bible App from Life.Church has a plan for you.


Parenting in the 21st Century Series

Parenting is a long journey. We're along for the ride to help you keep it simple. Check out our parenting message series from October 2021.


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