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You've been looking for community that's centered around Jesus where you are seen, known, loved, and encouraged. 


That community is in a group at Simple Church.


Groups at Simple Church meet every week in homes. The groups are geared toward people in similar life stages and focus on relationship first, and discipleship second. 


Group Link is a one-night event where you can have dinner, have fun, and get to know your group before you ever step foot into a home. 


Basically, we break the ice for you and get you ready to experience the life-changing relationships of a Jesus-centered group.


Whether you're already in a group, wanting to join a group, start a group, or just curious, you are invited to come to Group Link.

Group Link is Sunday, August 29 from 5:00-6:30pm at Event Center West where Simple Church regularly meets on Sunday mornings. Dinner will be provided and kids are welcome.