Hooray for Kids Day

"share in the joy, innocence, and love children bring into the world. . ."

Kids -- they’re unafraid, find joy in the little things, and display curiosity that can rival a cat’s — which is why this day encourages everyone to say a loud ‘hurray!’ for every kid in your life and the world.


Kids are awesome. Being a kid was awesome. And who's to say we can't act like kids while hanging out with our own?


That is what 'Hooray For Kids Day' is all about. Celebrating the joys of being a child.


While adulthood comes with it's own share of joys, like being able to eat cake when ever we want, it also means we typically lose out on our child-like beliefs and excitement over the little things. I mean, I don't collect rocks and sticks like my daughter anymore, but wow does she get excited over finding the perfect rock to paint while out on a walk!


That's why "Hooray for Kids Day' helps us get back in touch with our inner child so we can feel as free as we did back then. So let us celebrate the kids in our lives that encourage us to feel young again ourselves.


So how do we celebrate "Hooray for Kids Day?'

The easiest place to start would be to ask your kids! 


Where do they find the most joy and delight?

At the park?

Snuggled on the couch with a good movie?

Painting rocks?

The list is as endless as their imaginations! 


If you have older kids, then this is the idea for you! This has been all over social media and would be a great time with your tweens and teens!


After you get your outfits don't forget to take them out on the town for a game of mini golf or bowling!


If you're feeling especially child-like and brave. . . give barbarian spaghetti a try! 


It's not for the faint of heart.

It's not for the "clean" house.

It's not for the "nothing can touch on my plate" crew.


Its chaotic deliciousness for those looking to amp up their dinner time and summer is the perfect time to do it. . . outside, of course. 


Step 1. Cook spaghetti and add your fav sauce.

Step 2. Cover your table with plastic table cover.

Step 3. Dump spaghetti goodness onto the table.

Step 4. Enjoy without plates/utensils!


So pile the noodles and sauce onto the middle of your table and go to town on this delicious twist on dinner time!




It's also NATIONAL CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DAY! Is there anything more child-like than helping bake cookies with your grandma or mom? And by "help" we definately mean lick the spoon. . . eat all the chocolate chips before they get mixed in. . . and enjoy the first cookie fresh out of the oven with a cold glass of milk. 


If you don't have a favorite recipe, feel free to check out the favorite at our house below! 


You could also turn this into a wonderful way to spread some cheer around your neighborhood.


I know you've never ding-dong-ditched before. . . but how much more child-like can you get than dropping off a fresh plate of cookies on your neighbors doorstep, ringing the doorbell and running away?


[Just don't forget to leave a cute little note so they know who they are from!] 



So dust off your old sneaks.


Throw on the tunes of your youth.


And spend some time not just with your children but invested in your children. 


In what they do.


In what they create.


In what they demolish.


And in what they love.

PS. We would love to see your adventures! Tag us on social #simplechurch #hoorayforkids so we can share in the fun!

Written by: Amie Pruitt, Ministry Team

August 2022

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