5 Ways to Celebrate Easter with Your Teen that Isn't Totally Lame

"Help! I don't want Easter to be just another 'lame' day. Especially after being stuck online last year, I really need some ideas to celebrate Easter with my teen!"

Written by Amie Pruitt, Next Gen Team

March 2021

Easter is right around the corner and little kids are getting excited to grab a basket, their speedy shoes and zoom around the yard looking for eggs! What if you don’t have a little kid? What if your home is rampant with teenagers with nary a small kid in sight? Do you still do a hunt? Put carrots out the night before? Dust the floor with baking soda rabbit feet? 


Parenting teenagers is hard. Celebrating holidays with teenagers can be even harder. So don’t stress this Easter and check out some awesome ideas to keep your teens engaged and having fun with the whole family! 

Honestly, for number one, do the egg hunt. Especially if there’s younger kids at home. Get yourself a few golden eggs, one for each hunter and let them go! Not enough kids in the fam to make it work? Get some of your teens friends together and do a massive hunt just for the teens if that’s something all the adults are comfortable with! They will love it...really! From experience this was the most amazingly competitive event we have done in youth ministry and you really won’t regret letting the “big” kids join in on the hunt! 

If a hunt just still doesn’t seem like a great idea for your family, don’t worry! You could do an Easter themed escape room like this one here. Escape rooms have been extremely popular in the last few years and could be a great way to work on team building in the home as well. 

No sleuths in the home willing to break free? There’s always scavenger hunts like this one. If they’ve been eyeing up a Switch game or a new phone, what better way to gift them than making them “work” for it! There’s so many free printables online to get clues that work for your teens!

 Maybe you have some awesomely crafty, yet highly competitive teens. Then spice things up with a Peep house decorating contest! House decorating is NOT just for Christmas time! The prizes for first, second and third can even be hidden in metallic eggs!

Last but not least, we have Easter Egg Roulette! Not for the faint of heart, this activity is as messy as it is fun! For every three people playing you will need one dozen eggs. Here’s the twist! Hard boil all the eggs EXCEPT four. You can have the family help decorate and color them but you’ll have to make sure all the eggs are cold otherwise you’ll be able to tell which are boiled or not. Mix them up in the carton and play! The person with the least amount of raw egg on them is the winner! 


Bonus: Our Next Gen Pastor Brandon and our Worship Director has already done this for you. Twice. So if you're at all confused about how to play this game, check out our success (or eggy-failure) in the videos below.

There we have it! Five activities sure to keep your teens engaged this Easter season! We’d love to see your families having fun and building relationship this Easter.

I'd also be remiss not to invite you to visit Simple Church this Easter if you live in the West Des Moines / Urbandale / Des Moines Metro area here in glorious Iowa! We can't wait to connect with you and your teen.

Many blessings and Happy Easter! 

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