5 Things I'm Loving Today: May 2021

Written by Tricia Calik, Children's Director

May 2021

Here are a few things I am loving for me, for the kids, for the whole family!


Hey Clay from Fat Brain Toys: Everyone in my family loves the texture of this clay. Each color comes organized in a little plastic container and it is virtually mess free! The grown-ups just like squeezing and rolling the clay for a little stress relief but really, we all like to create with it. You can choose to download the app with step by step directions to create specific animals, dinosaurs, etc or use your own imagination! You can also choose to leave your creation out to harden and keep or always put the lids back on the containers to keep it fresh and re-usable.

Secret of the Hidden Scrolls Book Series: This adventure filled fiction book series contains some biblical references. They are chapter books written for a Grade 1-3 level but I have been reading them aloud while my boys (age 3 and 5) play. The book content has started some excellent conversations and a few times we have even referenced our bible to learn more about what was happening in the story. 


Lectio 365 app: This one’s for the older kids or parents. It is an app for guided daily prayer. A sort of devotional and prayer time rolled into one. I have found it is an excellent supplement to my daily bible study and has created a meaningful prayer habit.


Shower Steamers: As a busy mom, sometimes taking a shower is the only time I have alone! I don’t often make time for a spa day, but I love occasionally indulging with these dissolving steamer tablets that make the bathroom smell good for the entire day! They can also enhance your mood or help you relax since they are infused with essential oils. I have this on an Amazon list as an excellent way to treat a friend or send a surprise gift to someone who needs to know they are seen and loved. I found these because a friend sent them to me as a surprise, and it was such a special, unexpected blessing! 


Brenton Arboretum: This is an excellent place for a family outing! Spend time together in nature where you can get moving and get away from the distractions at home. This time of year is perfect for enjoying the weather and the views. I love the nature playspace for the little ones, the trails for walking or just finding a chair or bench out amongst the trees for some quiet time with God. 


What’s something beneficial to your family that you would give “5 stars” to right now? I'd love to hear them! You can also follow me on Facebook & Instagram for more ideas.


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