25 Easter Basket Ideas for Your Teen

25 Easter Basket Ideas for Your Teen (that aren't lame!)

Looking to put that Easter Basket together for the teen in your life and need some ideas? I've got 25 teen-approved ideas for you!

Written by Brandon Pruitt

Youth & Young Adult Pastor

March 2021

Easter is just about here and along with it comes the staple of just about every family Easter tradition . . . the "Easter Basket." A cornucopia of Easter themed treats, toys, and that grasslooking stuff that gets everywhere. Kids love 'em and parents love getting a chance to surprise their kids.


But what about the teenager in your family? As kids get older, it becomes harder to come up with clever ideas and more often than not you mayfind your growing teenager looking at your well intended Easter basket with that stereotypical“lame” look, or even worse saying “this is lame” out loud.


What if this year things could be different?

What if it was possible to come up with a list of Easter themed ideas to include in your teenagers basket that would have them saying “wow” instead of “whack” or “lit” instead of “lame”?


It is possible! To help you out I have done my best to dig through all the lame ideas out there to give you a list of items that any teenager can get excited about finding in their Easter Basket (and as a Youth Pastor, I've seen/heard about all the awesome gadets and treats teens are talking about with their friends!).


• Jack rabbit headphone splitter
No one's too cool for this rabbit: This two-way headphone splitter lets your teen and a friend or sibling share an MP3 player or phone using their own headphones, instead of sharing the same set.

• Aqua bunny lip balm
She'll love applying this shea butter and macadamia oil-filled moisturizing lip balm throughout the day. Plus, it'll look perfectly festive and trendy in her Easter basket.

• Salty road salt water taffy
How old is too old for candy? That's a trick question: We all know the answer is never. This creamy variety from Brooklyn-based Salty Road comes with a distinct salty crystal crunch and finishes with fresh vanilla notes. (By the way, the company also makes five other delicious flavors!)

• AirPods Case
Easter's spring timing means plenty of fresh blooms popping up around the garden, and in presents. The floral motif of this Airpods case will have her feeling hip and stylish.


• Organic Lollipop
For a pop of color (and a hint of sweetness), add lollipops in whirly-swirly designs to the basket. Each sweet is handmade with all-natural ingredients in a factory based in Denver, Colorado.

• Selfie Ring Light
Give their TikTok videos a massive upgrade with this selfie ring light, which gives them more flattering lighting on their cell phones. You can adjust the brightness, and it charges with a USB cord.


Mainstay Scrunchies / Breezy Bow Scrunchies
Whether your teen is a VSCO girl or not, a scrunchie is a must-have accessory. And the best part is that whether the Mainstay or Breezy Bow is your teen’s style these specific scrunchies, made by Noonday, will not only make your Teen’s Easter Basket pop but they will also help in supporting life change around the world.


• Egg Pore Silky Smooth Primer
If she's just started wearing makeup, she'll love this pore-perfecting primer. The golden egg packaging is just the icing on the cake!


• Jelly Speed Cube
If this "jelly speed cube" looks familiar, that's because its design is based on the classic Rubik's cube you know and love. Throwback presents for the win!


• 5-Piece Makeup Sponge Set
The bright colors of this sponge set mimic Easter's palette. They're incredibly useful too!


• Petit Bunny Gloss Bar
Not only do these come in the perfect spring colors, the bunny packaging makes them thematically appropriate, too. The "makeup bar" adds a layer of color that's somewhere between a lipstick and lip gloss.


• Pastel Easter Hershey Kisses
When all else fails, there's always chocolate! Show your teen some love by including a few pastel Hershey Kisses in there Easter basket this year.


• iPhone Camera LensIf your teens want to up their Instagram game, give them better lenses that can just snap onto their photos. This comes with both a 10x macro lens for close-ups and a wideangle lens to take in big landscapes. This gadget features both a macro and wide-angle lens, and fits all iPhones. It's also waterproof, so you can be sure it'll last for a long time.


• Craves Naturals Detangling Brush
This cool modern design for a brush will not only do a great job at detangling you teens hair but it also will do a great job at filling out that Easter basket with it’s conveniently Easter themed pastel colors.


• Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens
Calling all aspiring writers! They'll love this pen set, which gives off serious '90s vibes.


• “If You Can Read This” Funky Socks
Read these fun socks. Whether your teen likes Tacos, Ice Cream, Sushi, or all of the above these funky socks will have them smiling ear to ear.


• Cable Bites
This little Easter bunny does more than just hide eggs — it makes sure all those charging cables are organized and protected. And while the rabbit is most Easter appropriate, it also comes in 11 other animals.


• Air Lounger
Perfect for lounging on the beach or in their room, all your teen will have to do is wave a nylon sack around for a minute, and they will have a nice inflated comfy seat. And it even comes with its own carry bag, so your teen can tote it anywhere.


• Chocolate Game Controller
Chocolate Easter bunnies? Those are for kids. This sophisticated chocolate game controller is where it's at this year, and it delivers 70 grams of chocolatey goodness to your teen's hands.


• Super Magnetic Putty
They may not be master slime-makers anymore, but even adults like to squish and stretch putty in their hands. This magnetic putty takes things to the next level — it's made with tiny iron-based particles, so when you place it near the included magnet, it'll stretch itself out to try and reach the magnet, like it has a mind of its own. Science!


• Pineapple Plush
Who wouldn't want this happy pineapple smiling up from a bedroom or dorm shelf?


• Baby Yoda Vinyl Decal Sticker Pack
They'll never get that floating stroller, but that doesn't mean they can't carry around The Child (aka "Baby Yoda") wherever they go. This set of five vinyl decals means they can put the little cuties on laptops, water bottles, phone cases, and more.


• Funkoverse Strategy Game
Funko has created a strategy game around its pop-culture figurines, and this version comes with two Hogwarts heroes and two villains: Harry Potter, Hermione, Belletrix Lestrange, and a fourth player who shall not be named. But the cool thing is that the Funkoverse characters' skills and abilities are balanced across editions many different editions, so if Harry Potter isn’t your teens thing there is also version for the DC Universe, Rick and Morty, Golden Girls, or Jurassic Park.


• LED Photo Clip Remote String Lights
These warm glowing LED lights will be the perfect addition to your teen's bedroom, and they have clips to hang up photos or movie tickets from some of their favorite adventures.


• Paper Spiral Bound Sketch Pad

A sketch pad is a great gift for a young artist. They can make quick sketches or thoroughly completed ones, and they're easy to throw in a backpack or tote bag to have around when inspiration strikes.

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