10 Easy Easter Activities for Younger Kids

Written by Tricia Calik, Children's Director

March 2021

Do you want to celebrate Easter with your child(ren) but don’t know how to make it about more than eggs and bunnies? Do you struggle to find ways to explain the crucifixion and resurrection to little ones? Let me help!


I want to be intentional with my family time but it can often be a challenge knowing how or where to begin. I want to encourage my kids to know Jesus and have a focus on him, but let’s be honest, they are young active boys and simply saying “Hey let’s read the Bible!” does not always keep their interest or get them as excited as it does me. 


So with Easter around the corner, I am sitting down to plan some intentional family time where we can get cookin’, get movin’, get crafty and really learn together why we celebrate God’s love and grace at Easter. My hope is that these ideas help you be intentional with your family time too!

Let’s begin with Scripture. I know this might be the “boring” part for the kids, but as we actively teach them, it is important that we remember everything we do and celebrate at Easter time is because of what we know from the Bible. You don’t need to read it all at once or require them to sit while reading. Depending on the age and stage of your child, they may not be able to sit and pay attention for any length of time anyway. But you can read scripture during a family meal, read aloud while they are playing quietly, listen to the audio in the car, during bathtime or before bed, it’s okay to get creative in order to expose them to biblical truth. Here’s where to start.


The Crucifixion:

Matthew 27:11-62

Mark 15:16-42

Luke 23:26-55

John 19:16-42


The Resurrection: 

Matthew 28:1-15

Mark 16

Luke 24:1-49

John 20:1-29


And now for the fun! Keep reading for 10 EASY ways to focus on Jesus while making memories this Easter!


Egg Hunt - add a treat or sticker into each egg but leave one empty. Hide the eggs around the house and race to see who can find the empty egg. When the empty egg is discovered shout “THE TOMB IS EMPTY, JESUS IS ALIVE!”


Hide and Seek - On post it notes or note cards, write out each part of the Easter story. Depending on the age of your child, they might be able to do this with you as you read from the Bible. Keep it simple and have fun! Once they have found each part of the story, have them create a timeline or put the cards in order to retell what happened. 

Resurrection Rolls - Using crescent rolls, cinnamon, and marshmallows create memories in the kitchen that will also be a tangible way for them to remember the surprise and excitement of finding the empty tomb! 


Chocolate Covered Cross Pretzels - Using pretzel sticks or pretzel rods, make a cross shape. Adhere the 2 pretzels together with melted chocolate. Once the chocolate cools you can enjoy your snack. If you’ve never made chocolate covered pretzels before, The Lazy Genius has a simple how-to guide. Your children really just want uninterrupted time with you, but while you are making this cross shaped treat, it's a great time to talk about the symbol of the cross and that the reason we celebrate Jesus being alive is because he suffered on the cross so we may have eternal life. 


Dyed Eggs - If dyeing hard boiled Easter Eggs are part of your tradition, keep it up! You can add a Christ-centered element by writing a message on the eggs such as “Jesus is alive!” or “The tomb is empty!”. You could also write in the egg container a bible verse such as “John 20:1” and then your child has to find and read that verse while they eat their egg. 

Construction Eggs - Cut an egg shape out of construction paper or cardstock. Decorate it with strips of washi tape. You can make different patterns with the tape or use a variety of decorative tape to cover the egg shape. As your child(ren) decorates the egg, you can use the opportunity to read scripture aloud or discuss what the egg symbolizes at Easter. Does an egg symbolize new life? What does it mean that we have “new life” in Jesus? Why do we even celebrate that Jesus is alive?


Cross Craft - Jesus paid the ultimate price for us and that is why we celebrate at Easter. Gather pennies to glue to a wooden or cardboard cross as a tangible reminder that the cost of His life on the cross was a display of His love for each of us so we can have eternal life. For younger children or to eliminate the step of using glue to adhere pennies, I like these sticky craft crosses that can be decorated with any materials you might have on hand. 


Have a puppet show! Retell the biblical Easter events using toys, puppets or paper dolls. You can write a script or just retell in your own words what you remember from the scripture. You can even video tape it to send to a family member or friend! The Easter story is the GOOD NEWS that we should be sharing with others! 

Give Good News! On every mirror in the house, using a dry erase marker, write in big bold letters “Jesus died for you!” You can also include a scripture memory verse that you might want your family to read every time they look at themselves in the mirror! If you want to take it a step further, print out a photo and decorate a photo frame that says “Jesus died for me” or decorate frames to give to loved ones with this gospel message. I like the ease of this frame painting kit. 

You’ve been egged! Bless your friends, family, or neighbors by leaving a special treat at their doorstep or hiding eggs around their front lawn! Don’t forget to invite them to Simple Church here in West Des Moines! Invite them to celebrate Easter with you because we want everyone to hear the Good News!

Have any activities that you share with your kids during Easter? I'd love to hear them! You can also follow me on Facebook & Instagram for more ideas.


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