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5/20 Launch

Simple Church is using the month of May 2020 for prayer and care.


We're taking the month of May 2020 to intentionally pray and care for our church and four others who are close to us but might be far from God. 5 people to pray for every day in month 5.

Then we're taking it further to look for 20 ways to intentionally show those we care for them.

Pray for 5. Care in 20. 5/20 in 5/20.

5/ Pray

We know that there is great power in prayer. God hears and answers our prayers and this moment in time is our opportunity to watch God bring an incredible harvest through our prayers.

20/ Care

We believe, by faith, that our prayers will help people come closer to Jesus and even call Him Lord and Savior. We also know that our faith is active so we're intentionally looking for ways to care for our five.

We put together some of our best ideas for you to care for your five and for others in the community over the month of May.

PRAYER leads to CARE opening ways to SHARE the Gospel.

As God leads, we're intentionally seeking opportunities to share our faith. The best way to care is to share the hope we have in Jesus - in His resurrection.

Sharing can be scary. But remember that God does all the work, including giving us all the words to say!

We've provided the following resources to help you feel more comfortable:

  • - a place to explore common faith questions for people in every stage of their faith journey. Also comes in an app where you can bookmark questions you want to come back to.
  • GodTools - an app that helps you share your faith simply and confidently.
  • Falling Plates - A shareable video that can be a conversation-enhancer. Share and then ask someone what it is saying to them.